A new year of gardening

I am quite pleased to have 2017 to mark the beginning of a small change. It’s not a huge new years resolution. It’s just a new mini-habit. It doesn’t work for me to set my goals to high. If I think about climbing the whole mountain, I don’t even make it to first base.

After my back-op in 2012, having been bed-bound for months, I had become a sloth with not enough stamina to climb even a small hill. I couldn’t motivate myself to do anything remotely related to physical activity. Then I found Stephen Guise in cyberspace. He gave me two ‘aha’-moments. The first one was to forget about motivation if I was ever going to get fit again, yep you read that right. Motivation was to be replaced with willpower. The second ‘aha’ was that I should commit to a mini habit, nothing to huge and exhausting. So at the time I decided to use my willpower and go to the gym every weekday morning. I didn’t have to commit to doing stuff. My mini habit was to get dressed and get myself there. It worked. Two years later and I still go to the gym nearly every weekday. Haha I do stuff of course, once I’m there I can’t help myself and I haven’t been this fit since 1985.

But this post is not about that. It’s about my back yard, a sad state of affairs.


When our kids were little I discovered gardening. To begin with I knew nothing of course but I learned along the way and I loved it, the digging, planning and planting and seeing the garden grow. Our first home had a lush yard when I had a green thumb. We have been in our 2nd house since the new millenia and in the early days I kept the garden going but the last decade it has deteriorated. The back corner had its’ day in the sun being a vege garden and all. Our eldest, Emma set it up for me 3 times. Here’s a pic of the very last time she did that for mum in 2012 before she gave up trying to fix my bad.

​My commitment to Greenroom Gallery has taken up so much of my time and I have let my garden go. Our backyard became an eye-sore where weeds thrived and all the nice plants that needed a little tenderness died. It got to a stage where I wouldn’t even go out there anymore.
Something that did grow was our Lillypillies creating a lush green barrier along the fence between us and the newly built neighbours’ house. With a height of 6m they were getting a bit out of hand and needed a little pruning. This is what we came home to after a nice weekend in Brisbane. STUMPS!​


Funny enough after I recovered from the chock I got inspired. So 2017 is going to see me get back out there. I’m going to grow my green thumb and create with plants again. Feeling quite excited. I still have very little time on my hands so it’ll be a slow project but that’s ok I have decided. An hour every Sunday that’s my mini-habit and I if I must I shall use my willpower.

Have you got any project for 2017? Some small change in mind? Feel free to share because it’s good to put it out there and to get encouragement from others.
This is why I am sharing this. I feel it makes me accountable. And I will post some updates.