Broth for chilled bones


Last week when I was up at the wee hours and it was too cold for comfort I thought I’d make myself a hot chai but when I opened the fridge door and saw a nearly empty jar of broth I had a better idea.
I brought it to boil and just added some Himalayan salt. Oh so good!

Even though I have made my own broth a couple of times for my busy self, making broth – which takes 24 hours without a slow cooker – is too much of a hassle. So I am giving a thumbs up for the original Byron Bay organic chicken bone broth that I get from Govita. You can drink it straight or dilute with water. I have tried both and with a little water added it goes a long way.
I use it in my cooking as well, very nice in curries. Broth as you probably know is good for so many things. It is rich in protein and minerals, good for your gut, joints and connective tissues among other things. And it warms you up on rainy winter mornings.