Cooler than Cotton

This time of the year is my least favourite. The heat and the humidity. It’s hard to know what to wear, just the ‘birthday-suit’ would be nice but maybe not appreciated by the multitudes.

The other day a lady walked in. She was after a nightie. ‘Well’ , I said, ‘I don’t really have nighties, but I bet I can find something on the sale rack that you could use for a nightie’. I found a swing dress out there, my last one in marsala. The lady was very happy with the $ reduction and bought it without trying.

Next day, she walked in wearing it. ‘Oh’, I said, ‘I see you’re in your nightie today’. We both laughed. And she said – ‘Well, bamboo is cooler than cotton. I put this on last night and decided it’s too good to sleep in and much better to wear in the heat. I need some more of these’. She got herself a black and a red. Another happy customer.

Here are dresses you can sleep in or just wear in the heat.
From left to right – Swing Dress, Evie Dress, Henley Dress and Maxi Stripe Dress

The reason bamboo is cooler than cotton is due to the fact that it absorbs 3 times its’ own weight in water. Men love the bamboo socks since they tend not to get sweaty feet in them. In our summer heat, have you tried bamboo yet?