Rita Tie Dress

I would like to introduce you to the very versatile ‘Rita Tie Dress’ in easy wear bamboo and one size fits most. It’s a loose dress that you can modify to suit your size and your style.

I had just received and steamed the dress when Debbie walked in. Debbie was after a couple of black dresses and found some to try on. I suggested the new Rita but I must admit it doesn’t look that great on the hanger so I couldn’t get my customer enthused about it. After all the black dresses except for one, were dismissed – being my stubborn self – I suggested the Rita Dress again. Debbie tried it on, came out and showed me. Loved it. Together we worked out new ways to wear it. Actually the pocket was Debbie’s idea.

This dress really looks great on a lot of different body shapes and sizes, well worth a try next time you come into Greenroom. Rita is available in Black, navy and white. As always, if a colour is sold out I can usually order back in for you and it doesn’t take many days. As a lot of our clothes, Rita is trans-seasonal. You can dress it up or down, wear with tights or even pants and treat it like a tunic. High heels or sandals it’s up to you what you make of the Rita Dress.

I apologise for the poor photo quality but hopefully you can get an idea of the different ways to wear this cool dress.


  1. Make a pocket and tie a knot on the other side
  2. Keep it tied in front. You decide where to tie the knot. You can also make two pockets or just let the ties hang loose at both sides. I forgot to take a photo of that
  3. Tie at the back and pull the dress up a bit. Great with pants or tights – I was too lazy to put pants on sorry
  4. Once again keep the knot tied in the front loose or a little tighter whatever suits